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Parish Boundary Review

A Review of Sapcote Parish Boundary

At the request of Sapcote Parish Council, the location of the parish boundary between Sapcote and Stoney Stanton is being reviewed by Blaby District Council. At present. the parish boundary between the settlements runs through the middle of the Jelson development and this has resulted in part of Stoney Stanton's built environment being attached to Sapcote.

The Blaby District Local Plan 1999 confirmed the establishment of an Area of Separation between Sapcote and Stoney Stanton to ensure that the character and identity of the two settlements was maintained. In line with this policy, Blaby District Council refused planning permission for the Jelson development but this decision was overturned by a planning inspector on appeal. This decision has now resulted in a situation where the two villages are merged.

In order to redress this situation, Sapcote Parish Council has asked for a review so that the boundaries can be redrawn and a meaningful Area of Separation reinstated which would ensure the separation of the two villages and the protection of their individual identities. Hopefully, we can work with Stoney Stanton Parish Council to bring this about as the protection of the individual identities of our villages through a boundary change would be to the benefit of both communities.

In considering this matter, the Parish Council has taken into account the fact that the whole of the Jelson site now falls within the catchment area of All Saints primary school following a redrawing of school catchment areas by Leicestershire County Council. Clearly the County Council has recognised that the present situation is unsustainable and has taken action to address it.

Another factor was that all of the traffic from this site spills out into Sapcote not Stoney Stanton.

There is also confusion with addresses; there have been a number of emergency incidents in which the emergency services have been unable to find addresses or locations because of confusion over our parish boundary. A change in the boundary will help address this problem.

It is the view of Sapcote Parish Council that the whole of this site should now be incorporated into the parish of Sapcote and accordingly, the Parish Council is now preparing its formal response to this review.

Blaby District Council has said it will welcome representations from any person or body wishing to comment on the boundary arrangement and such representations should be sent to:

Community Governance Review, Corporate Services, Blaby District Council, Desford Road, Narborough LE19 2EP or by email to by 5 January 2018

Posted: Mon, 13 Nov 2017 20:34 by Parish Clerk

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