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Clerk: Josie Blackburn
15 William Spencer Avenue
Sapcote, Leicestershire

Tel: 07305 168086


Sapcote Cemetery

Burial plots in Sapcote Cemetery

Price Increase from the 1st November 2021- please note:

For the exclusive right of burial in perpetuity in an earthern grave 9 feet by 4 feet the price will rise to £300.00

There are no changes to any other prices.

The approval of the Parish Council is required for the erection of all headstone and tablets. Details of the design, including measurements, and proposed inscription must be submitted to the Parish Clerk prior to placement.

Headstones shall only be permitted in the section reserved for the burial of bodies and shall not exceed 3ft (92cm) in height and 2ft (61cm) in width.

The cultivated or landscaped area of graves in the section reserved for cremated remains shall not exceed 3ft (92cm) in length or 28in (71cm) in width.

Monuments in the form of an iron or stone vase or a combined tablet, vase and base are permitted in the area reserved for cremated remains. Tablets shall not exceed 18in (46cm) in length or width and 6in (15cm) in height. Permission is required for the design and inscription prior to placement.

Borders of any description are not permitted on either section of the cemetery. This includes stone, wooden and plastic surrounds, low fences or any other structure which creates a surround.

The Parish Council requests those persons tending graves to ensure that dead flowers are removed. The Parish Council however, reserves the right to remove dead flowers under its management of the cemetery.

The Parish Council has introduced a policy for the installation of a memorial bench. The policy, including conditions, and an application form can be found in the list below.