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Clerk: Josie Blackburn
15 William Spencer Avenue
Sapcote, Leicestershire

Tel: 07305 168086


The Parish Council allotments, which are situated off Leicester Road, have 19 plots and a long waiting list. If you are a resident of Sapcote and interested in putting your name on the waiting list, please contact the Clerk to the Council.

Tenancy Agreement

An Agreement between Sapcote Parish Council (hereinafter called the Council) of the one part and Name of Address, Sapcote, Leicestershire LE9 4XX (hereinafter called the tenant) of the other part.

Whereas the Council agrees to let and the tenant agrees to hire the allotment numbered one on the Council's Register of Allotments on an annual tenancy basis at a cost of £12 per year or any part thereof commencing on the X day of month 2010 and renewed each year thereafter on 1 January.

This tenancy is subject to the provisions of the Allotments Acts 1908 to 1950 as amended and to the following Conditions:

  1. The Tenant shall maintain the allotment in a clean and tidy state, well cultivated and free of weeds pests and disease.
  2. The Tenant shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other allotment or adjacent householder and shall not obstruct any path, garden entrance, vehicle access or roadway.
  3. The Tenant shall not keep any livestock or fowl whatsoever on the allotment.
  4. The Tenant may place a single small shed measuring not more than 6ft x 4ft on the allotment.
  5. The Tenant shall keep every hedge that forms part of the allotment properly cut and trimmed, keep all ditches properly cleaned and maintain and repair any internal fencing or gates bounding the allotment.
  6. The tenant shall keep the borders and boundaries of the allotment in good condition and shall not cause any plants to overhang onto adjacent allotments.
  7. Except for standard garden chemicals in general use, the Tenant shall not bring onto or keep on the allotment any noxious substances or hazardous chemicals which would cause a danger to other users.
  8. The Tenant shall ensure that tools and other equipment are not left unattended on pathways or in other common areas nor left in any way that might cause accident or injury and also to ensure that tools and other equipment are used carefully and do not cause a danger to others.
  9. The Tenant may from time to time burn allotment debris and allotment cuttings only on site but must at all times have regard to neighbouring allotments and gardens and shall not cause a nuisance to others. Fires must be supervised at all times.
  10. The Tenant shall not use any barbed wire whatsoever on any part of the allotment or paths.
  11. Any Member or Officer of the Council shall be entitled at any time when directed by the Council to enter upon and inspect the Allotment. The Clerk to the Council shall be entitled at any time, at his/her discretion, and without notice to enter upon and inspect the Allotment.
  12. All instructions and notices given by the Council shall be issued by the Clerk to the Council.
  13. Any disputes between Tenants shall be referred to the Council whose decision in resolution of the dispute shall be final.
  14. The Tenant shall be required to notify the Council of any change to his/her address.
  15. The tenant shall not sublet, assign or otherwise part with the allotment or any part thereof without the written consent of the Council.
  16. The Council reserves the right to levy a £10 administrative charge in the event that the Tenant should fail to respond to the first annual demand for allotment rent.
  17. The Council shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever suffered to any equipment, machinery or other material brought onto the allotment.
  18. The Council shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage caused to plants or crops howsoever caused.
  19. The Council reserves the right to terminate this Agreement in the event that the Tenant breaches any of its conditions or fails to pay the allotment rent upon the second demand.
  20. This Agreement shall be terminated upon the death of the Tenant and the allotment shall revert to the Council for re-issue.
  21. The Council may terminate this Agreement by giving twelve months notice in writing to the Tenant.
  22. The Tenant may terminate this Agreement at any time without incurring any penalty but shall be liable for the full annual rent for the year in which the Agreement is terminated.

Signed …………………………………………………………..

Name, Tenant

Signed …………………………………………………………….

Clerk to the Council